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David George

David George released his first co-produced and independent debut album, Love/Life (Rhythm Rocket Records), in 2010 and raised eyebrows from the get-go. Most fans and friends connected George with his wall-shaking, ear-shattering bands Moaning Lisa or Culture Killers. The release of Love/Life marked a dramatic change to what George had buried deep inside – songs from the heart.

Love/Life was a 12-song collection of songs that spoke honestly about deep love and longing, yet slyly waning to the true predicament of a musician's life. Recorded in Burbank, California, over an 18-month period, George brought in friends from other bands and local musicians to fill that void of not having a solo band. However, LA was to prove difficult in maintaining a proper band and to compound the issue, David was dealt a life-changing blow. A family emergency in his hometown of Kansas City meant packing everything up, putting it in storage and moving to KC with nothing but his guitar and a bag of clothes. Over the last year and a half George has played with some of Kansas City's finest artists, and has just recently solidified a band. Taking the name from a line in the English nursery rhyme "There Was A Crooked Man" the band has became known as David George & A Crooked Mile. "This is the first time in a while I've felt like I am in a band," says David George. "I have done the solo acoustic guy thing, and was needing the camaraderie. A Crooked Mile fills that void and the music just gets better and better." The new EP, Going Underground, reveals a coming together of musical direction in David's life in large part to the people he's been playing with. But it's also a stepping-stone to bigger and better things down the road. George went into the studio earlier this year and recorded 15 songs. Working with Chris Cosgrove at his studio in the North Kansas City area, the recordings started with a mish-mash of local Kansas City musicians. "I had bits and pieces of what was to become A Crooked Mile, but it was still coming together," George adds. Out of those 15 songs, five were chosen to release as an EP (the Going Underground-EP) and the rest would be finished up and released at a later date. The five songs thematically aren't connected, other than the usual theme of "love" that runs through George's romantic veins, but are connected by a feel. The all acoustic-based EP is drenched in lush harmonies and melodies. A cover of the Neil Diamond penned Monkees' classic "I'm A Believer" illustrates George's connection with his youth and love of great pop songs, as well as an ear for a drastically different arrangement. "I was asked to perform at a Neil Diamond tribute and I came across a version he did on the BBC and was blown away," George says. "After the tribute my cellist (Christine Gross) and guitarist (Matt McCann) worked out some parts and boom…there it was!" David George & A Crooked Mile have performed at The Crossroads Music Festival, South By Southwest – Midcoast Takeover, and shared the stage with The Lumineers and Jacob Dylan. David also recently performed solo acoustic this past summer in front of nearly 8,500 people at Kansas City's legendary Starlight Theatre opening for Styx, REO Speedwagoen and Ted Nugent. David is currently playing guitar and singing backup for John Fogerty; recently finishing a SOLD OUT three-week tour of Canada.