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Erick Macek

Erick Macek’s high-energy performances get people out of their seats and dancing to his melodic grooves. Macek’s 2012 appearance on NBC's The Voice is just one of many times he has shared stage-time with music legends. He has performed with Jason Mraz, G-Love, Tristan Prettyman, Joan Jett, David Gray and many more. A regular performer at Sundance Film Festival, he has appeared at the Academy Awards Lounge and SXSW. Macek also won 25k being honored "Best Band" at Musicpalooza, "Best Male Vocalist of the Year" at the Los Angeles Music Awards" among many other nominations and accolades. Macek travels the globe touring the 50 states and makes frequent stops in Asia and Europe. His current album, Colors May Change, debuted at #41 on the iTunes charts and was named a top 5 indie album for 2011 by the Los Angeles Examiner.

Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, it all started, while still in diapers, (around 3yrs old) when my pops made me learn the accordion. See, coming from a strict Slovak background (former Czechoslovakia) I was raised with polkas and waltzes as my first major influence. So throughout my childhood I was thrown multiple instruments and told "figure it out" as there became a need for it in our ethnic, rockin' family band. (WARNING: slight use of sarcasm) As my 2 older brothers sang, danced and played their instruments ... I became sort of a guinea pig being able to pick up and figure out anything my dad threw my way. By age 6, I played the accordion, harmonica, recorder, and keyboard.